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The work force serving the City of New Ulm is 88,000 persons strong. This is an estimate of the workforce within an approximate 30-mile radius of New Ulm. The labor data below is from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, as of August, 2017.


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New Ulm has workers available!

Labor Costs

According to the Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, published by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, the average weekly manufacturing wage (including white collar jobs) in New Ulm in the 1st quarter of 2017 was $1,087. By comparison, the state wide average weekly manufacturing wage in the 1st quarter of 2017 was $1,301 which is 20% higher than the average New Ulm wage! Further, the seven county metro area average weekly manufacturing wage for the same time period was $1,538 which is 41% higher than New Ulm wages!

New Ulm's labor cost is significantly less expensive than statewide and Twin Cities metro!

New Ulm Labor Data by Industry

Click here to select, view and download data for specific industries. Select communites <20,000, scroll down and click on New Ulm, select a year, select type of ownership and which industries you want to look at.  If you prefer a a free customized report for the occupations you want call 507-233-4305 or email nuedc@newulmtel.net.

New Ulm Labor Data by Occupation

Find information for specific occupation in Southcentral Minnesota click on the OES Data Tool below, then choose Economic Development Regions, then select South Central, then select the occupations you want to examine, or call 507 233-4305 and request a free customized report.

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Quotes From New Ulm Employers

“This rural Minnesota area is perfect for companies who seek a diligent, loyal workforce.”
Roger Ryberg, President of Windings

“New Ulm is fortunate to have a technically competent, stable workforce to support high technology manufacturing.”
Eric Hendrickson, Plant Manager for Parker Hannifin’s Electromechanical Automation plant in New Ulm

The New Ulm Kraft work force “takes a tremendous amount of pride in being able to produce a quality product at a low cost.”
Mark Pollock, then Kraft Plant Manager

“The New Ulm Plant is among the highest 3M plants in attendance with more than half of the employees posting perfect records.” Peterson continues, “We have some people who have been here 25, 30 years with perfect attendance.”
Ron Peterson, then Plant Manager for 3M’s 950 employee plant in New Ulm

“There is a high quality work ethic here that is very difficult to find elsewhere.”
Nancy Fogelberg, then President of American Artstone (38 employees) in New Ulm

“I have been involved in a number of plants and this is the most competent and dedicated workforce I have ever been involved with. We are proud of our people and their work ethic.”
Kurt Bain, Manufacturing Manager for Kraft Food’s 800 person plant in New Ulm boasts

If you would like to be able to boast about your workforce New Ulm is the place to be.
New Ulm, Minnesota has a large, available, low cost, dedicated and productive work force!